Customer-Portal: Direct contact with the Telehouse team.


Mandatory wearing of masks in all buildings on the Telehouse Campus

All employees, customers, suppliers and contractors are required to wear a mask in the public areas inside the buildings. Masks are still not compulsory in the outdoor areas.

3G obligation on the Telehouse site

The 3G obligation applies on the entire Telehouse premises. All customers must ensure and document that this rule is respected by their employees and service providers.

All measures apply until 28.02.2022

As soon as circumstances change, we will inform you.

  • Manage and notify your visitors and contractors
  • Notify and track your deliveries
  • Manage permissions for access to your rental spaces in the Telehouse datacenter
  • Use the customer-portal to request remote hands services
  • Use the ticket system when you need support
  • and much more…