Connectivity: Connect quickly with carriers & cloud providers.

100% Carrier-Neutral

400 Carrier und Cloud Provider

85 Countries Global VPN

Carrier neutral – the choice is yours

Decide for yourself which carrier or cloud provider you connect to.

Have a wide choice of carriers and cloud providers at your disposal.

Use a data centre with a direct connection to the DE-CIX..

You are looking for a colocation data centre where you will operate your IT infrastructure in the future. You will decide for yourself which carriers and cloud providers you will connect to.

As a carrier-neutral datacenter, we would like to offer you a wide choice. You alone decide which provider you use to meet your requirements.

Telehouse Connect Plattform.

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Internet Access (www)

  • Multi Home Platform: multiple ISP, redundancy, high availability
  • Billing according to the proven 95/5 method
  • Bandwidth always “burstable” to port speed (10 Mbps-10 Gbps)
  • Optional: DDoS Protection & Managed Firewall

DC Connect (Telehouse RZ‘s, DE-CIX, 400 Carrier + ISP‘s)

  • Connection to the world’s most important Internet exchange nodes, eg. Paris-France-IX, London-LINX, New York-NYIX, Frankfurt-DE-CIX
  • Connect to all over 40 Telehouse data centers worldwide
  • Demand-oriented transmission technology: Ethernet / VPN, Dark Fiber / Wavelength up to 100 Gbps

VPN (85 countries)

  • Use of global KDDI network (coverage: 85 countries)
  • 24×7 operation, 7 own operation centers worldwide
  • Technology: Ethernet, Layer 2/3, VPLS / MPLS, VPN
  • Demand-oriented transmission technology: Ethernet / VPN, Dark Fiber / Wavelength up to 100 Gbps

Telehouse Cloud Link (AWS, Azure, SAP, more)

  • Direct connection to the DE-CIX Direct CLOUD platform
  • Access to the leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, SAP and others)
  • Certified DE-CIX Direct Cloud Partner
  • Connection to other Cloud Exchange platforms with access to all major cloud providers worldwide

Carrier neutral

At Telehouse datacenter you can connect to over 400 carriers and cloud providers.

As a colocation customer, you will be wired into one of our meetme rooms so you can quickly connect to all available carriers & cloud providers at any time.

DE-CIX connection

Via the Meetme room, you can connect directly to DE-CIX, the most important Internet exchange point in the world.

Connection to all leading cloud providers is also possible via the De-CIX Cloud Exchange platform, which is also directly connected.

Telehouse Connect Platform

As an option to the existing carriers, Telehouse also offers its own Connect platform, which you can use, for example, for Internet access or to connect further Telehouse data centres.

Global VPN

Our parent company, KDDI, operates a global WAN with over 80 access points worldwide. Just in case you want to network international standards.

Telehouse Connectivity

Providers & global networks.

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