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Business processes are rapidly migrating into the digital world, opening the doors to enormous potential for rowth and competitive edge. In this environment, connectivity – global networks between locations, partners, service providers, customers and more – becomes one of the most important challenges faced by corporate IT, and a key factor driving success in the future.

Telehouse sets up the conditions you need. Our data centre offers a range of options for global connectivity, built on the latest technology, maximum availability and top performance.

You can take advantage of various connectivity options: direct connection to the “outside world” using a carrier of your choice represented in our data centre; connection to your business partners, markets, Internet service providers, carriers, content providers etc. via our own platform, Telehouse Connect; or the best of both worlds.

Whatever decision you make, our data centre offers unlimited freedom of choice and top-quality infrastructure, services and performance you can rely on.

Telehouse Connect Plattform.

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Internet Access (www)

  • Multi Home Platform: multiple ISP, redundancy, high availability
  • Billing according to the proven 95/5 method
  • Bandwidth always “burstable” to port speed (10 Mbps-10 Gbps)
  • Optional: DDoS Protection & Managed Firewall

DC Connect (Telehouse RZ‘s, DE-CIX, 400 Carrier + ISP‘s)

  • Connection to the world’s most important Internet exchange nodes, eg. Paris-France-IX, London-LINX, New York-NYIX, Frankfurt-DE-CIX
  • Connect to all over 40 Telehouse data centers worldwide
  • Demand-oriented transmission technology: Ethernet / VPN, Dark Fiber / Wavelength up to 100 Gbps

VPN (85 countries)

  • Use of global KDDI network (coverage: 85 countries)
  • 24×7 operation, 7 own operation centers worldwide
  • Technology: Ethernet, Layer 2/3, VPLS / MPLS, VPN
  • Demand-oriented transmission technology: Ethernet / VPN, Dark Fiber / Wavelength up to 100 Gbps

Telehouse Cloud Link (AWS, Azure, SAP, more)

  • Direct connection to the DE-CIX Direct CLOUD platform
  • Access to the leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure, SAP and others)
  • Certified DE-CIX Direct Cloud Partner
  • Connection to other Cloud Exchange platforms with access to all major cloud providers worldwide

Your benefits with Telehouse

  • Our data centers are 100% carrier neutral. You can decide flexibly whether to connect directly to the carrier of your choice – the big global carriers are represented here – or to connect to the world via Telehouse Connect, our own 24×7 Managed Platform.
  • Connection to all major internet exchange nodes – De-CIX, LINX, France-IX, NYIX, Tokyo-IX
  • Connection to multiple Cloud Exchange platforms with direct access to a variety of cloud providers.
  • With approximately 50,000 sqm colocation area, the Telehouse computer center in Frankfurt a. M. to the largest and most modern in Germany. Power supply and air conditioning are redundantly designed several times, so that we can ensure continuous operational reliability and maximum availability.
  • As a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, we are integrated into the structures of a leading global network provider and benefit not only from our long experience and know-how in this environment, but also from our economic stability and sustainable growth strategy. In other words, we are still there for you tomorrow!
  • We combine network and data center expertise – you get the best of both worlds, namely connectivity and colocation services for your IT infrastructure under one roof and from a single source. No other supplier has that much flexibility!

Telehouse Connectivity

global networking with locations, partners,
service providers, customers, etc.

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Telehouse Connectivity offers the opportunity to network worldwide with the latest technology, maximum availability and highest performance.

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"System Integration"

Business processes and technologies are changing faster and faster, and the distances are getting shorter, in which you have to understand the developments in IT. That requires a partner you can rely on.

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