Latest News: The hyper-connected nature of today’s global economy is providing enormous opportunities for data centre operators, with the market for new facilities on a sustained upward trajectory, according to a new white paper from Telehouse, the pioneering carrier-neutral data centre company. However, there are also some challenges, and data centre providers cannot afford to rest on their laurels, the paper says. In the document, entitled How the Modern Data Centre Meets the Need of a Hyper-connected Global Economy, Telehouse explains how the popularity of mobile video services, the emergence of new business models based around the Internet of Things (IoT), and the widespread use of cloud services are key drivers of the hyper-connected economy and are placing huge pressure on data centre infrastructure. - Dez 06, 2016

Über Telehouse

Der Pionier der Carrier neutralen Rechenzentren 

Seit 1989, vertrauen weltweit führende Unternehmen Telehouse.. 

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Warum Telehouse?

Dynamisches Wachstum ermöglichen 

Durch langfristige Kundenbeziehungen basierend auf 25 Jahren Experten Beratung...

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